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Copy of Speaker Presentations

File Name Date Added
Susan Brown Walsh-Coinbase Account Access Info 09/12/2017
Susan Brown Walsh-Authorization and Consent for Release of Digital Stored Information 09/12/2017
Susan Brown Walsh-RUFADAA Final Act 2016 09/12/2017
Top Ten Charitable Trends Every Advisor Should Know in 2017 08/21/2016
Suzanne Brown Walsh - Slide Deck Digital Assets 09/19/2017
Susan Brown Walsh-Industry Estate Planning Questionnaire 09/12/2017

NH Council Forms and Documents

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2017-2018 Membership Application 07/28/2017
Council Bylaws (As adopted May 14, 2014) 05/15/2014
2017-2018 Council Sponsorship Opportunities 09/14/2017