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Council Documents

Document Name Date Added
Case Study for Nov. 12 Business Succession Panel 2020-10-15

Copy of Speaker Presentations

Document Name Date Added
Slide Deck for Update on Estate and Git Tax Proposed Legislation 2021-05-13
How to Attract & Retain Top Female Earners 2022-11-14
Trust Outline Proposed Regulations (Natalie Choate) 2022-05-12
Society Article from Dave Freitag 2022-01-12
Silverstone Living Sponsor Presentation 2021-05-13
Jack Agati, Birth Order Handout 2020-12-31
Proposed RMD Regulations Outline #3 (Natalie Choate) 2022-05-12
David Freitag's Slides for 1-12-22 2022-01-12

NH Council Forms and Documents

Document Name Date Added
Council Bylaws (As adopted May 14, 2014) 2014-05-15
2022-2023 Membership Application 2022-07-20